The Blue Planet Tour

Brand Experience

A Blue Planet Tour is a series of live orchestral performances of the soundtrack from Blue Planet II, the award-winning BBC nature documentary. A visual identity and campaign assets were designed to capture the style and feeling of the luminous score composed by musical maestro Hans Zimmer, promote the concert tour, and the original TV series.

Due to the pandemic, the tour has been turned into a virtual experience on the website, with extended digital features added such as a music equaliser to heighten the experience.

Digital Experience

Designer: Shirley Wang

Inspiration for the visual identity came from the series’ main theme song The Blue Planet, which you can listen to here.

As part of the design process, adjectives and shapes or forms that illustrated the theme song were sketched out. These sketches went on to inform the brand identity. 

The lighter-coloured menu mimics the experience of diving and coming to the surface for air, before the user returns to the depths of another section of the website.

A song equaliser was designed to heighten the experience of the music for the user.

© Shirley Wang

© Shirley Wang 2021